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Granite Countertops

From your kitchen and bathrooms to your laundry room and garage, the countertops in your home make an impression. They offer both functional and aesthetic features, and the right material can effectively deliver on both. Granite is an excellent countertop material, offering beauty, durability, design variety and much more.

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Granite is a naturally occurring igneous rock. As a building material, granite is valued for its hardness and resistance to acids. This porous stone is typically treated with a sealant prior to use as countertop material. The intricate patterns and unique designs of granite are created by these crystals within the stone.

  • Quartz
  • Mica
  • Horneblend & Biotite
  • Feldspar

These imbedded crystals give granite countertops lovely patterns and designs that often mimic those of more expensive materials, such as marble or slate.

Benefits of Granite as

Countertop Material

Granite is an enduring, timeless countertop choice. This sturdy material is heat, stain and scratch resistant, making it an effective solution for high-traffic areas that are subjected to a great deal of use. For affordable function and durability, granite can’t be beat. And the aesthetic appeal of granite truly raises the value of this cost-effective material as a desirable countertop option.

Granite delivers an elegant look without sacrificing durability and efficacy. The variety of this stone is virtually endless, in design, color, pattern and distinction. No two stones are exactly alike, providing a unique look for vanities, bartops, fireplace mantels, cabinetry and the rooms they grace.

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Creative Associates, Inc.

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